ccEngine VF3D SDK

Think the power of your application with a Virtual Face generator

ccEngine VF3D generates virtual face images. Starting from just a single frontal photo of the face of a person, through statistical 3D models the ccEngine VF3D functions obtain novel face images under different pose and illumination conditions. They are called 'virtual', since they are not obtained using an acquisition device, but by a rendering process.

ccEngine VF3D has been designed mainly to cope with these two scenarios:

  • generation of images of a face under different poses or illumination conditions in contexts where a human inspector wants to see some details of the face from a different point of view (applications for law enforcement, augmented reality...);
  • biometric face template generation: generation of virtual face images usually gives a boost to the principal face recognition algorithms, making them more robust to pose and illumination variability.

Minimal requirements: Intel Core i3, 2 GB RAM, 200 MB disk space, operating systems Microsoft Windows 10 and Linux (Ubuntu/RHEL).


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