ccEngine AI SDK

Develop your Audience Intelligence application on powerful face image analysis techniques

ccEngine AI automatically extracts in real time these audience data for immediate use and for data mining:
  • Audience gender: male, female
  • Audience age: children, young, adult, elderly
  • Audience ethnic origin: Caucasian, African, Asiatic
  • Attention time
  • Real watcher count
ccEngine AI can be used to perform:
  • Audience Measurement: counting real exposures to a message, computing attention time, comparing different media and message performance.
  • Message Targeting: showing the right message to the right audience, using real time information extracted by ccEngine AI.
  • Attention Attraction: letting interact with an application powered by fare recognition technology. That could help keep people in front of the display longer, to be able to show them more advertising.

Minimal requirements: Intel Core i3, 2 GB RAM, 200 MB disk space, operating systems Microsoft Windows 10 and Linux (Ubuntu/RHEL).


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