ccEngine FR SDK

Develop your Biometric Application with a powerful and fast Face Recognition toolbox

ccEngine FR supplies all the modules that are necessary for building and comparing biometric templates:

  • Face Detection: finds the position and the size of each one of the visible faces in the image
  • Face Normalization: marks points of morphological interest throughout the face area (eyes, mouth, and eyebrows) in order to properly rotate and scale the image. This operation moves all such points to pre-defined locations.
  • Feature Extraction: selects relevant features from the normalized image in order to maximize the robustness against environmental disturbance and noise, non-optimal pose, non-neutral facial expressions and variable illumination conditions.
  • Biometric Template Creation: a trained statistical engine processes the extracted feature vector template. The feature vector is reduced to a smaller one that optimally describes the user’s identity.
  • Biometric Template Matching: the face recognition and the face verification processes are based on measurements of differences between biometric templates. The normalized template distance is the similarity value of the compared identities.


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