ccEngine ZS

Unleash the power of your application with the most comprehensive biometric toolbox

Face recognition is the most promising biometric technique for overcrowded zones (e.g. airports, rail stations, etc.), because it relies on distant cameras to identify people. The identification from video cameras is a daunting task for human investigators, who would have to remember several hundred faces and match them against tens of thousands of faces during a day.

ccEngine ZS - Zone Screening allows to detect faces, tracks identities, record face images and use them later for face recognition purposes. The system can be used as a screening method
 that selects only those people that are worth
 checking: the final decision on their identity 
can then be made by an operator
 (security monitor, pocket pc, etc.).

ccEngine ZS architecture uses the following functions of Correlance proprietary SDK's: face detection (ccEngine FF), face recognition (cc EngineFR), pose correction in 3D (ccEngine VF3D), the ICAO compliance of facial images (ccEngine ICAO).


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